China Advertising Marketing Monitoring

Cloud-based mobile friendly data analytics platform to increase success rate of your international sales. Demand Discovery, Competition Analysis, Sales Channel Recommendation, Missed Opportunities Uncover

Main Features

Opportunity Discovery

Discover often neglected yet profitable market for a business by analyzing demand, supplier and competitor information.

Competitor Analysis

Monitoring and tracking competitor's Asia sales activities.

Data De-noise

Distinguish signal from noise from raw data sources, clean data, and improve data integrity

Data Collections

We deploy data collection agents in Asia countries to collect many data the system need.

Visibility Evaluator

We monitor the visibility of your business and your product in a Asia market. We will compare your data with your competitors.

Web Accessibility Check

We monitor if your websites are accessible from Asia, and the access speed of your website in Asia. We also do social media monitoring in Asia.

Reporting Capabilities

Easy to use dash board and reporting functions.

Competitors and Media Monitoring

Web-based Asia competitor and media monitoring service to measure your marketing effectiveness and protect your reputation in the news media, Market Trend Analysis and Competitor Analysis.

Main Features

News Tracking System

Track relevant news from media list, analyze data based on searching keywords and create various media coverage reports instantly.

Media Database

Media database with Web-based user interface. Clients can easily view the archived news, adjust search options and generate report by log on to the website.

Newsletter and Distribution

Built-in newsletter and distribute function to release news or announcement to clients' email contact list and specific accounts in social media.

Multiple User Access

Multiple users can access the application simultaneously with different privileges. Users can maintain and update their media list without any knowledge of databases.

Asia Advertising Optimizer

Cross countries, cross media, mobile friendly advertising optimizer .

Asia Sales Leads Generator

Information Retrieval and Data Mining software development for Business Intelligence, Sales Lead Extraction.